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Tragedy at Hajj
Memorial Service
Thursday October 1st
6:00 pm

This year's annual congregation of Hajj was marred by some heart wrenching and unprecedented tragedies which took the lives of hundreds of innocent Muslims who took the journey to the Land of the Revelation to fulfill their divinely ordained obligation.
It also demonstrated a clear shortsightedness and failure of management and leadership on the part of the host government, the Saudi Monarchy, which is entrusted with the safety and wellbeing of the pilgrims and proper organization and execution of the Hajj rituals.
A huge stampede at Mina, reportedly caused by an unannounced closure of some roads for the passing of a Saudi Prince's entourage, forced the rerouting of thousands of pilgrims at the last minute.
As a result of this mismanagement and planning failure, a stampede broke out that took the lives of over 700 Muslims and injured hundreds more. Official figures put the number of pilgrims this year at 1.9 million who gather at Mina on the same day.
This tragedy was the second in this year's Hajj. In the first incident, the collapse of a construction crane at the Masjid ul-Haram took the lives of 109 Muslims.
The government of Saudi Arabia, as the self-proclaimed custodians of the two Holy Sanctuaries and host to the annual Hajj pilgrimage, must bear the responsibility for its poor conduct and negligence during this annual event. They should answer to the world's Muslims why two tragedies in one year took hundreds of lives.
We at the Islamic Education Center share the grief of the Muslims around the world as they mourn the loss of their loved ones. Instead of welcoming them back with open arms and happy faces at the conclusion of their Journey, they greet their coffin draped bodies.
IEC will hold a memorial service for the victims of this year's Hajj tragedies on Thursday October 1st. Please join our community and the larger Muslim Ummah to remember these Hajjis as their families and loved ones grieve their loss.